Kodak moments

"I'm the king of the worl... YIKES!"

"Huh, pesky Arab tourists... BAMMM!"

"Must.. not.. come.. in... second... WHOOPS!!"
"Urgh dude, that gotta hurt..."

"Hey Jim, have you heard the one about the monk, the donkey and the purple dinasour?"
"HA HA HA HA HA, stop it, you're killing me!!"

"Oh puhleez, I can do it even better than those Chinese. Here, watch this.."

"You want the ball buddy? Here kiss my ass first..."

"I'm the ghost of Brokeback mountain huahaha! Are you scared yet?? Aw camon, gimme some slack!!"

"Naah, don't worry darling. It's not like anybody gonna put our photos on the Internet or something..."

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