Maxis Wireless Broadband Internet troubleshooting

I've been using my Maxis Wireless Broadband for nearly two months now and I'm pleased to report that I'm quite satisfied with it's service at the moment. I subscribed to the Advanced package (640kbps / RM78 monthly) but I've never actually achieved that maximum speed mainly because my neighborhood doesn't have HSDPA or 3G yet. I rarely get disconnected although the connection could become really sloppy during rainy days or when the modem is connected too long (24 continuous hours or more). My first bill totaled at exactly RM78, no hidden charges or additional costs added. Don't know about next month but I expect the same amount from Maxis (or they'll have a really pissed blogger on

Connecting to the Internet have been hassle free for me so far. I just turn on the modem, plug in everything and I should be connected in less than 2 minutes. But last month I started using a network switch at home and I have to renew my IP addresses manually before I can connect to the Internet. Here's something you can try if you're having problem connecting. (I'm assuming you're using the ZTE MF600 modem and a Windows XP os).First of all make sure:

  • All the cables (power, network) are connected properly. Use the provided network cable (CAT 5e) and nothing else. I've tried CAT 6 and they didn't work.
  • The Power/Batt(ery), Data and RSSI lights on the modem are on. The modem usually takes a few moment to initialize and assign the IP addresses for your PC. The modem battery should last no more than 2 hours unplugged.
  • Your antenna is tightened properly and is in an upright position and your modem is placed near a window.
  • Nothing is blocking the modem or if it is placed near any electrical device which could cause interference. Uneven terrain or indoor setting could influence wireless reception and the service is not recommended to be used at premises higher than 5 floors.
  • Your network card is working properly. Check for the LED lights near the network port.You could try connecting on another PC if it's faulty.
  • The location you're connecting has at least GPRS reception to connect to the Internet.
How to renew the IP address.

Renewing the IP address is one way to fix your Internet connection if it suddenly fails to connect. When all your hardwares are working fine (modem, cables, power adapter) you should first check the connection status. This is done by typing in the address bar of your browser (Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer). This will bring the modem's configuration page.

You should really leave everything on default and not change any of the settings. Click the Reset button in you're unsure. Check on the Connection Status to see whether you're already connected or not. If you're already connected that means there's nothing wrong with your modem and you just have to refresh your browser a few times and you should be online shortly.

If that didn't work, try repairing the network connection. Go to Control Panel > Network Connection > right click on Local Area Connection and select Repair. This step should be enough to renew your IP address but if it still fails you'll have to renew your IP manually using the Command Prompt.

Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt and type:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

For Linux users just open a Terminal window and type:

sudo dhclient -r

(enter root password)

sudo dhclient

After that refresh your browser and if everything goes well you should see this Maxis Broadband start page displayed on your screen.

If that still doesn't solve your problem I suggest you contact Maxis Broadband Customer Service at 1800 82 2000 (I've heard horror stories about them so good luck to you mate!)


  1. Glad that you are happy with Maxis broadband.

  2. Let me guess, you work at Maxis right? :)

  3. Don't dream you can get fast even in your area support HSDPA... Maxis only know to making sales... all connection is random 1 minute u got HSDP, after 1 minute later u got UMTS or maybe GPRS and so on.

    1000 for 1? no "when can make it more crouded.., who care about them, we care about profit. If they don't like it.. they can't do anything just pay and wait for 18 month before they can terminate account" that's what maxis think i guess...

    when im using yahoo messenger and at the same time surf the internet.. it give me a lot of trouble with line disconnected.. im subscribe package same as you...

    Im wasting a lot of time to configure it out why... unlike Streamyx... i can tweak the connection and get speed more than they offered. Im really regret to subsribe Maxis broadband package... And now my internet connection become worse and more worse day after day...

    So honestly im not recommended any user to subscribe Maxis Broadband.
    Don't ever think of it.. all package is bullshit.

  4. I don't think it's fair comparing a wired Internet like Streamyx with a wireless one like Maxis Broadband. It's like comparing a Kancil with a Ferrari, they're in a different league altogether.

    If you read the terms carefully, 684kbps is at 'best effort' only and most of the time you don't get that maximum speed. My experience with Maxis have been good so far, I can surf, YM, and chat on IRC all at the same time without getting disconnected, ever.

    The Maxis dealer told me there's a one week 'cooling period' if you're not satisfied with your Internet connection the you can cancel it with minimum charge. Have you heard of that?

    I won't endorse a product or service if they're not good and so far I'm quite satisfied with Maxis broadband.

  5. (I'm not the first 'anonymous'writer) afif, you are correct. If you are using the internet just for surfing, checking emails and chatting, then that's fine, you'll be satisfied by just subscribing to the Starter package, which offers maximum speed of 384kbps. But by subscribing to the Advance and Power package, you'll rarely get the max speed, which promised you with the 640kbps and up to 3.6Mbps speed. The purpose of subscribing to such speed is to use it beyond chatting, or checking emails (such as online gaming, donwnload movies, etc.). Else, why do they offer that kind of speed. According to the 'Location Finder' on the Maxis website, I can get the HSDPA connection from my house. I pay RM118+ every month for the Power package, but I'm sure that I'm wasting my money a lot here since I only get the UMTS speed every time I connect to the internet. I have posted two complains to Maxis, but so far, still the same. This April will be the 18th month of my subscription period, and I'll stop subscribing to this service if such problem persist.

  6. Well it's a free country and nobody can force you if you don't like it. As for me I don't have much of a choice since Maxis offers the most reasonable price compared to other telcos. Besides, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their service would improve in the future :)

  7. I've been using my moto v3xx as modem for the past few months. Location, Damansara Perdana, 11th floor. It sucks in my experience. Ok, maybe it's because of high floor. But now I am in Segambut, terrace house, and it still sucks.

    I can't upload pictures to flickr anymore. Always stuck at 99% complete...and nothing else will happen.

    Haven't been able to delete any yahoo mail either...

    There's no problem when I am using streamyx in the office or Starbucks hotspots, on the same laptop.

  8. Hi Afif,
    I saw your blog on this Maxis Wireless Broadband.. I’m currently doing a research on HSDPA Broadband in order to fulfill the requirements of my degree. I really had difficulty in finding respondents for this survey. Would you be kind enough to spare a few minutes of your precious time to answer a few questions on this survey? I’ve already email the survey form to you.Thank you in advance.

  9. so far do u haf any problems on da connection wit maxis broadband...rite now i dun know wether to choose streamyx or broadband is also okay for using internet to dload movies n ym n upload n dload pictures n stuff...

  10. Dear amaryllixe,

    If you use the Internet mainly to download music, movies or play multiplayer online games, I suggest you subscribe to wired broadband like Streamyx or Jaring. Likewise if you use the Internet just to check up on e-mails, post to a blog, YM or IRC (nothing heavy) and you move around a lot, then wireless broadband like Maxis or Celcom is the right choice for you. If you don't mind the slow connection and occasional interruptions that is.

  11. Sharing Experience
    I faced and still is facing [just getting worse day by day] similar issues like lower speed than expected [btw i expected 10% better than dial-up -which i actually have had for 1st three months] and frequent disconnections, unable to use msn or skype, and now eventually almost total disconnection.

    It kinda of drive me nut when i need it for checking email and access internet to look for info urgently.

    So, i react to this poor service from Maxis by filing a complaint, requesting a service termination w/o ANY PENALTY due to the 18-month contract. To my surprise, Maxis called me on the same day that answered to my request. [refer to MCMC website, there are clauses that are favorable to the end users]

    Anyhow, i decided to give another one month to consider the service termination, due to the prompt reply from Maxis. Actually the change of decision also due to the fact that most available package offered by ALL ISPs, is either toooo expensive and of poor quality, plus i have overpaid them for couple of months.[yes, i agreed with you - i am pathetic]

    In summary, Maxis Broadband is "disgusting"...but... After looking around, we, malaysian, seem to have not much choice. Pathetic Malaysian. :( Just look across Selat Tebrau. Hope things can improve soon.

    p/s: for this comment, i rely on a 10Mbps line -definitely not from Maxis.


  12. If you are facing inability to connect to interne using the Maxis Broadband service via the ZTEMF6xx modem, perhaps, you can try to re-seat the SIMCARD. I have two occasions where the SIMCARD was dislocated.

    From Neuro2sys

  13. I just signed Maxis broadband on 15 April 2008 during PC fair. The speed is too slow and always get disconnect.

    After calling Maxis service center for the whole day, we go directly to MAXIS CENTER at KLCC. Because we terminate in between 7 days we purchase, so we manage to get no penalty on it.

    However, we didnt get back our RM100 registation fees. The lady told us we need to check whether our area have converage or not before signing up for the service.

    Come On... we sign it during PC fair. Their counter dont even provide any PC for us to check. The promoter only want to earn commision. Who care your place is cover or not.

    I feel being cheated by MAXIS.. anyone who feel their speed is slow should ask for termination without penalty. I wonder anymore place can we make complains?

    Very angry that big company use this type of trick to cheat customers!!!

  14. i always disconnect from the internet...always got prob...what is wrong??anyone?

  15. coz u noob hahahah

  16. lets cheat maxis

    i'm using the 3.6mbs (zte mf600 modem) service. after each middle of the month my connection will become slow as snail (less than 10kbs). I called the maxis customer service (i rate them fxxkin F minus) and they said i've overused my download limit (which is 3gig/month). To get normal speed, i have to wait next month...but it will happen again since i download lots of mini series.

    I look up simple solution on the net..zte tweak..n found it (will not disclose it here as maxis might find out n rectify the loophole n the blog owner might be endorsed by Maxis). Using the new setting i'm able to surf again (i cannot even open my gmail...damn maxis bb).

    morale of the story..
    1) there's a way to beat the system (very simple)
    2) ME:1, Maxis BB:0

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