Adam 3.0

Gosh, has it really been three years? I remember the first time I held that little bundle of joy in my arms, I thought man, I'm a dad already? What have I done? Am I prepared for this? What? No sex for 40 days? Making babies is easy, like anyone can do that. Raising them is a whole different story.
The truth is, we can never be truly prepared to be parents. There's only so much we can learn from our folks, friends or from books. Ultimately we will learn from our day to day experience. When Adam was born, I was totally clueless about looking after babies or kids. I've never had a little brother or sister and I usually stay well away from babies of all age and sizes. But then I learn one thing at a time. Take each day as it comes.
I must say I'm very lucky to have a very loving and understanding wife who patiently taught me everything there is to know about taking care of babies. Like so many other kids, Adam used to cry a lot a night when he was little. Linda just knew when to feed him, change his nappies or cuddle him to sleep. Honestly, I don't what will I do without her.
When Adam was born his skin was rather dark at first before gradually turning fairer each month which I guess is pretty normal. Adam started standing up right right after his first birthday and he started walking several months after that. I used to think he was rather slow in learning to walk but now I wished he would slow down a bit. He'd grown up so fast and before you know it he'll be marrying another girl and leaves us forever hu hu!
Right after his second birthday Adam transformed from a cute and cuddly little baby into this super-naughty hyperforce go little monster. He never listens to me and he regularly screams, shouts, cries, whines and grumbles ALL THE TIME!!. It's truly tiring and exasperating. Thank God this terrible two phase only lasted for a whole year. Today Adam is a pretty reasonable guy. Yeah he still bugs me occasionally from time to time and cries when I scold him but at least he listens to me now (well, most of the time). Of course I didn't think Adam is that bad. Most of the time he just craves for our attention. Deep down inside I know he's a nice kid really and a handsome one too. You can call me biased, but I think he's gonna be one good-looking guy, heck who knows he might even be more handsome than me!
Adam Farihin turns three last December. He watches the TV a lot just like other kids similar his age. His favourite TV shows among others are Go Diego Go, Dora The Explorer, Blue's Clue, Spongebob, Batman and Ultraman something (all free TV because we can't afford satellite TV just yet). Among all the super heroes he especially loves Spider-man, thanks to me that is. When I got him the Spider-man 3 DVD not to long ago, he watched it over and over again everyday for almost a month. He'd still be watching that movie I hadn't confiscate that DVD and hide it somewhere. Music wise, Adam generally likes every song that I like. Obviously since I play songs that I like all the time so I decide which song he hears and turns to like. His first favourite song was the numa-numa song. He used to ask me to play that song a lot when he was only 1 and half year old. Adam continued to develop his music taste as he grows up which is basically the same as mine.
Today I'm seriously teaching Adam how to use a computer. Last week I gave him his first very own computer, an old Fujitsu 450 Mhz Pentium III pc powered by Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. It has only 3.2GB of hard disk space and 128MB of RAM but it worked flawlessly with Linux. Plus I'd like to thank the people behind Childsplay and GCompris Educational Suite, two of Adam's most favourite computer programs. Adam spend countless hours daily playing and learning from those two very useful educational software. He can boot and shut down the pc on his own right now although sometimes he just turn off the switch at the plug.

Adam, you're a big boy now and soon you'll have a little sister to play and look after to. You can't be a notty-notty boy anymore okay? I'm sorry I can't give you the best of everything in life but rest assured what we lack materially we make it up with our unconditional love.



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