Cabinet reshuffle

Today we officially moved into our new building. There's been a minor organizational reshuffle here at my company. We've grown tremendously over the past one year and we now currently have 55 employees from about 30 when I first come in. This month alone we got 7 new staffs at the office. While some people transferred to other departments, I am still at my old department (which is good) except that now we're known as the Facility Management dept instead of Special Operations. Yeah whatever.

We hired a contractor to renovate the building next door but all the cabling and electrical works ourselves. By ourselves meaning just everybody in my department. So for the past 2 months or so people like Abang Din, Rizal S, Pijoi, Irwan, Bujal and Sapuang had been working their asses down doing the cable works next door. They've spent so many hours staying up at night working cause they didn't want to disturb our neighbors hacking and banging in broad day light. I did help a little bit of course but I think I contributed the least and I don't think I deserved any credits at all. Not that I'm too lazy to help or anything. It's just I'm so allergic to all those dust and dirt I'll get sick within 10 minutes of working there. Seriously. Last year I took 9 medical leaves and I think half of them was because of my allergic reaction to dusts which always developed into a terrible flu.
This week we've been moving a lot of office furnitures around, tables, chairs, cabinet and stuff as my colleagues take their new positions at the office. Today we have the Facility Management and Procurement dept sharing the ground floor. My table is right there below the boxes and right underneath the air-con unit which is a double-edged sword to me. I'd enjoy the cool breeze on a hot day but I won't like the air-con much whenever I catch a cold.

Yesterday also we had our first staff meeting of the year at our new wing. Since our current meeting room couldn't accommodate 55 people at once, we had our meeting the traditional way (i.e sitting on the floor in circle). We got the usual company plans and development news from the boss and also about the much awaited bonus news which (to our disappointment) won't be coming any time soon. Apart from that we also discussed our next Family Day plans which could be either at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort or at Cherating. Take me to the beach anytime. Everybody was excited about the Family Day of course but we don't know when that's going to happen yet because it's still early in the plans.
We also celebrated our Executive Director's (boss no 2) birthday yesterday. Happy 29th birthday dude. Those Secret Recipes cakes sure is delicious.

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