Mac fever

Ever since Apple started producing computers using Intel microprocessors in 2005, the hackers and developers community have been working tirelessly to develop a Mac Os system that can run on commodity Intel based pc. 3 years on, installing Mac Os X on a regular Intel and AMD based pc is not only possible, they're becoming so easy even Paris Hilton can do it :)

Today I have successfully installed a Mac Os X Leopard operating system on a computer at my office with help from this excellent guide from Lifehacker. The patched dvd that I used was a Kalyway Mac Os X Leapord 10.5.1 and if you're having trouble booting with that, try googling around for the BrasilMac, JaS, ToH RC2 or Goatsecx version of that dvd.

Bear in mind though, this system is not compatible with all Intel or AMD based processors yet. It has been tested on numerous motherboards and microprocessors, ranging from Pentium 4 to Intel Core 2 Duo with varying results. The pc that I used was a HP dc7600 desktop with an Intel motherboard and a Pentium D processor. The Kalyway dvd loaded up without a glitch and the installation is finished in less than an hour. You'll need at least 512MB of RAM and 9GB of disk space for this installation. From what I've read, installing the system on a branded pc (like HP and Dell) and popular motherboards (like Intel and Asus) has a much higher success rate compared to others.

The OSx86 wiki page is a good place to start building your Hackintosh pc. They've got everything you need to know including compatible hardware lists, success stories, installation guides plus a lot of screenshots. Here's some screenshots of the Mac Os X Leopard that I installed at my office earlier today. Too bad I still can't do this on my very own pc at home though. I just couldn't get the BIOS settings right yet. So this is it. This is just the beginning of many great new things to come. Say hi to open source Mac, and goodbye to overpriced Apple computers and hardwares :)


System information

System preferences

Desktop & Screen saver setting

Installed applications

The Dashboard

Running applications.

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  1. Whoaa! That's so cool! I've always wanted an Apple laptop but it's just too expensive. The features of Mac Os system are the ones that attract me and not the laptop itself. lol~