Wetland Park Putrajaya

Today I brought my family to my company's staff retreat resort in Port Dickson. We stayed at a room overlooking the sea and Adam had a splashing good time swimming in the pool.

Okay-okay, I lied. My company doesn't have a staff retreat resort and we didn't go anywhere near Port Dickson this weekend. The truth is my life has been pretty boring this year so far. My next door neighbour painted their porch recently and watching the paint dry is more exciting compared to my life at the moment.

This evening we went sight-seeing in Putrajaya. It started to rain when we got into the car but we went ahead and drove in the pouring rain anyway. Putrajaya is only 10 minutes drive from where we live and lucky for us, the rain magically stops when we get there. I didn't have any particular destination in mind so I just drove round and round the country's administrative capital. In the end we decided to visit the Wetland Park since (believe it or not) we've never been there before.
Putrajaya's Wetland Park is the largest man-made freshwater wetlands in the tropics, and the first of its kind in Malaysia. It is comprised of a Wetland Park and a Lake Recreational Centre along with several outlying wetland areas.
There are 24 wetland cells in the Wetland Park and the main habitats are marshes, swamp forests and open water areas like ponds and lakes. Several species of local and exotic marshland birds spotted here include the Little Egret, Little Green Heron, Lil' Bow Wow and Timbaland (just kidding!).
When we got there the place is virtually deserted except for a handful of visitors climbing the 80 meters look-out tower. Maybe it's the rain or perhaps people don't come here anymore? I mean the Bangladeshi workers stared at us like we're the first visitors in years.
We didn't explore much of the park today. For one thing there's not much to see here except plants and trees (like duh?). The ponds and lakes are filled with brownish sedimented water. Maybe because this is a water catchment area and they're supposed to look that way? Anyway some parts of the park is still under construction, pavements and trails unfinished, including this building right here.
I tried my hands on some macro-photography at the park and took pictures of some flowers and plants. Not bad for my first try huh? :)


  1. i must advice you not to loiter in parks where there are not many people..it's dangerous ok..

  2. I think I can count the number of times that I've been to Putrajaya before. never been to wetland park anyway. it looks like there's nothing much there. Lol~

  3. Yep, nothing to see there. Better go somewhere else.

  4. me & hubby went there once.. looking at the place seems disaster & not so many people around, we decided to get back to the car & drive to the other place in putrajaya. wht a waste! that place cud be better since it is in PUTRAJAYA!