Seri Manjung 3 days 2 nights

My wife have been nagging err I mean asking me to go visit her sister in Perak since last year so this Chinese New Year holiday we decided to go to Seri Manjung for a short break.
We departed on Chinese New Year day but first we went to a wedding in Cheras. The bride was Linda's former schoolmate at MRSM Kulim. I met my friend Nobet there too. It turns out the bride was her niece all along.The wedding was grand but the food was so so. We ate talk a bit to Nobet and left.
The journey to Manjung was generally smooth. There was a little bit of traffic in Ijok but the road was all clear from Kuala Selangor to Manjung. We arrived around 6 o' clock. Linda's sister lived at phase 2A at the Seri Manjung town. They moved into a new house now, much bigger and on a corner lot some more.
Manjung (previously known as Dinding) is a district in the southwestern part of the state of Perak with an estimated population of 200,000. It is well-known for Pangkor Island, a major attraction in Perak and the home of the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) Lumut Naval Base and dockyard.
Another major attraction for Manjung is the Teluk Batek beach which is only 10 minutes drive from Seri Manjung. We went for a picnic at there on the second day of our visit. Being a public holiday and all the rather short beach strip was packed with people. And with so many people you'd expect just as much rubbish from them. We had to walk to the far end of the beach to find a decent place to sit. Adam was initially very eager to bath in the sea but once we get to the seashore, he got cold feet and flatly refuses to enter the waters. In the end I bathed alone at the beach that day which is no fun at all.
In the evening we celebrated my niece, Nur Shafy Hani's birthday. She turns one today and my how she had grown! At this rate she'd be bigger than Adam by her next birthday. Linda said she looks a bit like Dora The Explorer. I thought she looked more like Garfield. What did they feed her anyway? Lasagna?

We left for home the next day around 4 in the afternoon. Just before the Perak river bridge heading into Hutan Melintang we were caught in this super massive traffic jam. Traffic jams I can tolerate, it's the queue cutters that I can't stand. They drove on the left side of the road like they just don't care. I think I blurted out more curses than Harry or Hermione have ever learned in Hogwarts yesterday. And where the @#%! is the cops when you need them?

We stopped for dinner in Kuala Selangor and a few stops later we finally arrived at home around eleven. Adam was a complete angel throughout the journey. He sat quietly at the back, playing games and singing along to songs with his mom. He didn't bother me even once. Yeah right.


  1. i'm a que cutter myself..hehehe

    jgn sumpah sumpah ye.. :P

  2. Ladies, queue cutting is very bad for your karma. One day you kena saman 300 bucks just remember I said 'told you so..'.

  3. wht a nice trip... i also loved to go sumwhere wheneva thr is a long long public holiday..
    missed pekan lumut very much!