The legend of the kind-hearted technician man

Once upon a time in a land far-far away there lived a kind but ordinary guy. He's not really good-looking or smart or rich or anything, he's just an average man you know, pretty much like you and me. He works at an IT company near his home and he drives his car to work everyday.

One day this technician man, let's call him Bubu for easy reference, drove as usual to work. Suddenly he saw a familiar face standing by the roadside near a very busy traffic light. Bubu thought "I knew this girl, she works near my office. Must be waiting for the bus. Poor thing.". The kind-hearted Bubu wanted to give this girl a lift but somehow he didn't. "Maybe she won't get into a car with strangers" Bubu thought. So Bubu just drove on and went to work.

The next day Bubu saw the same girl standing by the roadside at the same spot again. And like the day before Bubu just drove on thinking the girl would just prefer to take the bus. This went on all week and come Monday the next week Bubu drove to work as usual and saw the same poor girl standing at that same busy traffic interchange waiting for the bus again. This time Bubu thought "Oh what the heck, let's give her a lift". So Bubu drove by the girl and offered her a lift.

"Drop dead!" was the girl's answer. Well she didn't actually said that but she gave Bubu a look as if to say "I'd rather go for a ride with a garbage truck than get in the car with you" kind of look. Bubu was taken aback and was rather hurt with her refusal. Later when Bubu relates his story to his office mates, they laughed their heads off. "I just wanted to help, honest!" said Bubu.

From that day on Bubu didn't stop to offer any boy or girl standing by the roadside who works near his office anymore. That little incident changed his life forever and he didn't like girls much after that and prefer to hang out with boys instead (wink-wink!).

- The End -

The events in this story are a work of fiction. The characters are fictitious and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. :)


  1. hmmm... bubu.. i love that name.. so cute!! :p

  2. just curious.....apa maksud yang tersirat disebalik story tadi...anyway very nice story, eventhough it's a bit blur...heeee

  3. moral of the story is:

    kalau dah jadi laki orang jgn nak memandai nak mengorat minah lain ngan alasan kesian nak membantu...


  4. Tapi Bubu dalam citer ni tak kawin lagi, tak leh jugak ke?