A little travel advice

Last weekend a friend of mine went for a vacation in Bandung, Indonesia. He went with some of his friends and they did the usual touristy things you know visiting places of interest, seeing stuff, shopping for souvenirs. One day my friend was on his way to visit a famous volcanic mountain there and he was stopped by a roadside seller over there. So my friend innocently stopped to take a look at the things that this man is selling which are the usual souvenir stuff like key chains, bracelets, beads etc-etc.

Then something strange happened. My friend here started buying stuff that this man sold by the bundle. Not only that, he and his friends paid almost a thousand ringgit for a couple of key chains and beads. And they didn't realize what they have done until they returned to their hotel room later on. Like so many other unsuspecting tourists, my friend has just been mesmerized/hypnotized by those roadside sellers.
I'm not saying all Indonesians are bad people. Stuff like that could happen to anyone of us anywhere in the world. I'm just saying that we should be really careful who we see and talk to especially in foreign places. Those unscrupulous roadside sellers have been targeting tourists for years. I strongly advise you avoid them altogether, don't stop when they approach you and most importantly don't start any conversation with them and avoid any eye contact. You'll could avoid donating your money to these people and spare yourself one unpleasant holiday memory.

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