Down memory lane

On Wednesday I got the chance to be at the top floor of the TM Annexe building you know the one next to the blue Menara Rebung TM building along the federal highway? No? Anyway from the 32nd floor you've got a lovely view of Kerinchi, Pantai Dalam, UM, federal highway and some part of PJ. I used to spend a lot of time around this area not too long ago because Linda used to live there when she was still studying at University Malaya.

In other word, I hang out here often because there's where all the hot UM chicks lived ha ha!
This is the federal highway leading to KL. Once upon a time my bike got a flat tire just before the Mobil petrol station near Seputeh and I had to push the bike all the way to Kerinchi with Linda to get it fixed. I remember that day because 3 days later we got married. 2 years earlier I had another flat tire near the same Mobil station and my friend Isa and Fendi came all the way from Serdang to help. You should know by now that some unscrupulous people deliberately scatter sharp objects along the motorcycle lane so that they can make a quick buck on unsuspecting victims (like me).
This is Pantai Dalam and the project under construction used to have hundreds of squatter houses only 2 years ago. Linda and I used to hang out at Warung Rindu a lot after work or any other time for that matter.
Vista Angkasa was the place that Linda and her university mates once called home. I remember they lived at block 7 on the 14th floor facing the University LRT station. I was close with most of Linda's housemate and even today we still keep in touch and went to each others weddings and stuff. Once Linda and her mates had a huge fight with one of their house mate (named Lia) and her boyfriend came and joined along and stole half a dozen hand phones. I personally drove the girls to the Jalan Pantai Bharu police station nearby to lodge a report. I heard her boyfriend spend a few weeks in jail following the incident.
The area next to the Vista Angkasa apartment is Kampung Kerinchi where we used to go to the pasar malam there once in a while. You can see the roadside eateries next to the main road is all but gone now, demolished by the city hall. That's where Linda and I first ate together :)
You can also see much of University Malaya from TM Annexe. I used to come here a lot too, sending Linda to class, hanging out at her faculty and the library, eating out at the colleges. Sure had a lot of sweet memories there.
And this is the Kerinchi Link highway which is the fastest way to get to IKEA in Mutiara Damansara. Yes you guessed it, we went to IKEA every other month.

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