Wedding food of the year

Yesterday Linda, Adam and I went to my friend Dayangku Nurul Husna's wedding in K.L. Err I don't usually go to weddings unless it is truly absolutely necessary (my wife threaten made me go). Let's face it, I AM NOT the go to weddings and socialize type of person. But in this case it's my friend's wedding and she took the trouble to personally deliver the invitation card to me so I didn't have the heart not to go. Plus I go to her office almost every week so it wouldn't be polite (and pretty awkward) if I didn't go.
We went right after work yesterday around 2ish and the government quarters complex in Jalan Duta was real easy to find. Some wedding places I went to this year were so hard to find, I'd need to look them up on Google Earth first before I go. We were greeted by her office mates who quickly asked me to fix their computers, what the heck??
Of course they were just goofing around. The food served was mMMMMNMmmmm superb yesterday! The chicken was great, so was the meat and I can still taste the delicious curry as I'm writing this. I must say that's the best wedding food I've tasted this year and they didn't even hire any caterer to cook all those yummy food. Her neighbours and friends worked together to prepare for the feast. Too bad I was too shy to ask for a second serving, damn.
We waited some time for the bride to finally come down. Dayang looked simply stunning in her gold-coloured wedding dress.
The equally dashing bridegroom arrived a few minutes letter and the walked hand in hand to the pelamin (wedding dais). Well congratulations and all the best in your life ahead.

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