Breakfast @ KFC

I'm sure everybody has eat at KFC before but how many of you have tried their breakfast menu? What's that? KFC also got breakfast leh? Yes, not many people know that thanks to their non existing ads or promotion.

So today we decided to give them a try. Breakfast is served only at their 24 hours restaurant from 5:00 a.m till 11:00 a.m. Every combo comes with choice of coffee or tea. I chose the KFC chicken platter for my breakfast today. Chicken patty, scrambled egg, mashed potato, bun and tea at RM7.10. The chicken patty was nice but the others were pretty ordinary.

Linda ordered the cheesy chicken muffin burger at RM5.30 per meal. Not as good as McD's McMuffin but okaylah.

Adam had the Junior breakfast meal. Sausage, scrambled egg and mashed potato plus free toy for RM6.95.

Since I'm already fat I got plenty of room to spare in the stomach dept, I decided to try their Noodles O' chicken meal. It smells like Maggi, it tastes like one too, hey it is Maggi! At 5.00 ringgit a bowl, it's a pretty darn expensive Maggi too.

I'm so mad at buying that overpriced instant noodle, I bought the KFC egg wrap too. Egg + vegetables + pita bread for RM5.20.

So we literally bought everything off the menu today except for the chicken porridge (RM4.00) and the nasi lemak enak (RM3.60) which I suspect should taste just as bland as their Noodles o' chicken. A decent effort for starters in the breakfast business but I think KFC should stick to their fried chicken for the time being.

A nice change nevertheless for you guys out there who's hungry at 5 in the morning and tired of McD or mamak.

Final verdict: 2.5 out 5 stars.


  1. Those chicken patty, scramble eggs etc? You can DIY at home.

    They should just stick to their fried chicken.

  2. Hullo brudder, stick la to the good old fashioned nasi lemak. Bet you that the makcik deserves yer cash more than these faceless fast food chains.

    Plus the nasi lemak would taste better & cost less!

    ps: did you see Mr Ng's business card on me blog?

  3. True dat.

    Yeah I saw the card.

  4. RE: Yer comment bout Rafa's recent success. Well, shouldn't have spoke so soon.

    Again his fooking bad habits showed up at Reading. Momo & Javier tengah, Voronin right wing. Wha tha fook?!?

    We only looked sharp towards the end when he put on the natural wide players ie kewell & Babel & resorted to 442.

    Degil la this Spanish pundek. I fear defeats to Marseille & the scum this week will be the end of his reign . . .

  5. Ok, KFC for breakfast is only in London, not US.