Not good enough

Liverpool 0 - 1 Man Utd

Sorrow, agony, despair - that pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment. We can loose twenty times to Reading for all I care but to loose to United? That's too much to bear. After tonight's defeat I'd say forget about challenging for the title this season. You just have to beat the big boys to be champions not loose for the umpteenth time in a row (especially in you own backyard). We're just not good enough.


  1. We are in this together bro. This is the time we must stand firm & strong. Let the boys know we r proud they tried. One mistake, we were punished. Ok, nevermind, time to move on. Bring on Chelsea!

    However, I really do feel Rafa will be going the same way as Jose ie through the exit door, sooner rather than later . . .

  2. Whatever it is I'm tired of waiting man.I'm not getting any younger you know. If we don't win anything significant this year I don't care anymore if they give Rafa they boot or whatever.

  3. No comment. I just want my Kaya bun.