7 days of Ariana

It seems like only yesterday that I first hold her in my arms in the delivery room of the Putrajaya hospital.
6 months later my beautiful princess weighs a healthy 7 kilograms and she now starts crawling all over the place. Soon she'll be ready to walk around in a walker.
Compared to our first child Adam, Mia is a very-very good girl. She hardly cries except when she's hungry, hot or when she needs to change her diaper. She didn't even cry for long each time her big brother accidentally trip, step, fall and jump onto her.
Even the people at her nursery said Mia is easy to take care of and rarely misbehaves. Mia loves to smile and she will always smiles back whenever anybody smiles at her.
She feeds primarily on formula (Dulac) but we started giving her some solids now like blended rice and cereals.
Mia likes to sleep on her tummy and she usually sleeps right after meal and early in the evening. She will wake up the moment I carry her downstairs early in the morning and she will always greets us with her lovely smile.
Did I mention she has a little birth mark on her left hand just like her auntie? She also likes to suck her fingers apart from putting everything she found in her mouth. She has no teeth yet but I'm sure they will come pretty soon.
Don't grow up too soon now my little princess!


  1. Ariana looks a lot like her mum. :)

  2. You think so, really? I think Mia Ariana looks exactly like Mia Ariana :)