And they ask why Teresa is targeted...

Several weeks ago I received an e-mail about Teresa Kok titled 'Puas hati aku - Teresa Kok yang kurang ajar' (Now I'm satisfied - the insolent Teresa Kok). Attached with the e-mail are these pictures of Ms. Teresa celebrating her victory in erasing the jawi writings from a few road name signs in KL.
First of all let me make one thing clear, I'm all for Pakatan Rakyat and the PKR-PAS-DAP alliance. I am one of the millions of Malaysian who voted for change in the last general election and it is my hope that the PR alliance can sort out their differences, work together and unite for the sake of all Malaysians regardless of race or religion. I also don't believe Teresa Kok is a chinese chauvinist or anti-Islam despite the attempts by Utusan Malaysia and certain quarters to smear her good name.
But these set of photos paint a not so rosy picture for a large section of the Malay community. Again don't get me wrong, I don't mind (much) if they wanted to change all the street names in this country to Mongolion or whatever. I also don't think the rest of my learned, enlightened and Internet-savvy youth Malay friends have any qualms about them changing those street signs to reflect multicultural Malaysia. But then my folks at the kampung and the rest of my traditional/conservative Malay people doesn't take this very lightly. They will see this name-changing effort as one of the many anti-Islamic steps that Teresa and her party will take if Pakatan were to rule the country (which I don't believe they would).
I didn't believe that Teresa has anything to do with the petition by the non-muslim folks in Kinrara to lower down the volume of the mosque's speaker there during early morning religious lectures (not the Azan). I also concur with what the Perlis mufti said that we don't need to use the loudspeaker for religious sermons so early in the morning as it might disturb the sleep of our non-muslims neighbours. But ask my folks in the kampung and they will say that's very disrespectful indeed. What's wrong with that? they might ask. They do it all the time back home.

So I think Teresa and co should chill a bit and go easy on these little things that might upset the Malay muslim community. Yes erasing the jawi writings is no big deal to some but for the rest of us, it's a big deal. I love and support PR (and DAP included) but just leave the jawi writings alone damn it! Someone said perception is everything in this country. And these pictures just gave the wrong perception to the traditional malay-muslim in this country as a whole. For the record I didn't forward that e-mail to anyone but when I showed it to my wife (who is very conservative herself) her immediate response is "why is she doing that? I don't like her already". And they wondered why Teresa Kok is targeted with the smear campaign, ISA and everything.


  1. the first pic is a fake pic. thanks

  2. I think you're confused with changing street names with merely adding other languages (in smaller prints no less) in the same street sign.