What's that foot doing in your mouth?

Chelsea 0 - 1 Liverpool

Oh yeah I forgot, you're the one (among the zillions) who said Liverpool is absolutely certainly going to get beaten by Chelsea tonight. I mean they gave us no chance. The TV commentators rubbished our chances of even drawing let alone winning at Stamford Bridge. The analysis in the papers all predicted a comfortable 2 to 3 nil win against the Reds. We've got no chance without Torres they say. It's like the result of the match is already written on the scoreboard even before the first whistle is blown.
Well what do you expect? Roll over and let Chelsea blast 5 goals past us like what they did to Borough? Ha ha, that's a good one! And to put the icing on the cake, we won it fair and square. No questionable referee decisions, no playing dirty, just sheer hard work and determination. Of course I wouldn't get carried away with this ridiculously incredible result. You know what they say, you don't win the title by staying on top on new year, let alone October. Title challengers? Owh stop it! You're just teasing me again. :D

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