Review: The X-Files: I want to believe

The X-Files: I want to Believe is the second big screen adaptation of the once hugely popular X-Files TV series. They film revolves around agent Mulder and Scully searching for a missing FBI agent whose head is about to be chopped off and replaced by another man's head.
I'm glad the got David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson back together again and not some other unknown new actress to play Mulder and Scully. I grew up watching The X-Files and I must say I missed watching the series on screen again after so long. This movie though is overall a bit of a let down. It's like a prolonged episode of the X-Files. I was expecting some aliens, UFOs, monsters or even a little bit government conspiracy but to my disappointment there were none. Just a typical run of the mill drama-thriller. I don't know if I want to recommend you this movie. Maybe if you got totally absolutely nothing to do and there's no other better movie. It's like your second last choice.

Freshness rating: 40%

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