And then there was two

Last night just when I was about to sleep around midnight, my Mom called telling me my sister's water just broke and she's been rushed to the Putrajaya hospital all the way from Shah Alam. Somehow she couldn't contact her husband so she had to ask her neighbour to send her there. My Mom and I arrived at the hospital around the same time my sister arrived.
Working as a government school teacher, she didn't have to pay for the deposit or anything. All she needed to bring was that guarantee letter (GL) from her employee. She checked in around 1:00 AM and until then we still could not reach her hubby. We know maybe he's in a super-secret black ops mission with the Road Transport Dept (JPJ) but surely you can answer the phone right? About 30 failed calls latter, we just gave up about contacting him. Poor Hairie wailed out loud when her mom went into the labour room. Thank goodness my Mom is around to console and pacify him.
I didn't stay and wait for her delivery but my Mom did and right until 7 in the morning the baby still refuses to come out. Her hubby finally arrived around 4:30 saying he just got back from an operation in Teluk Intan (in a neighbouring state). Said he was ordered to leave his phones behind. Don't want anybody to leak anything to the tontos maybe? I don't know really but if that's true it surely sucks to be a RTD staff's pregnant wife.
Anyway after more than 7 hours in labour pain, the doctor finally agrees to cut her open. Although her first child was born the Cesarean way, her second baby has no problems or complications whatsoever so that's why she had to wait for so long. The procedure took less than 30 minutes to complete and by sunrise my sister had safely delivered a healthy 2.7 kilos baby girl. The baby has yet to have a name as of now. I recommended Melissa Maureen but she didn't really agree to that. Oh well. It is your baby.

My sister lives right in the middle of Shah Alam so going to the Klang or Sungai Buloh hospital would be much-much nearer but she insisted on going to Putrajaya anyway. She told me she heard horror stories about the deplorable conditions at the Klang hospital and the new Sungai Buloh hospital is also not up to par yet. I know Putrajaya hospital is good, in fact I have 2 kids born there. It's the best government hospital you can find anywhere in the Klang valley, for maternity and also other ailments. The doctors are good, the nurses are friendly, the rooms and equipments are world class and the price is pretty reasonable too. I'd personally recommend it to everyone.

So congrats to you sis. May your baby grow into a healthy and beautiful little girl.

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