Tesco (M) is evil

Once upon a time whenever my family wants to do our monthly groceries, we would always go to Tesco. I don't know about you guys but I think the goods sold by Tesco is the cheapest amongst all the hypermarts around. Although Giant and Jusco is much nearer to my home, I'd always prefer to go to Tesco.
Another reason why I liked to visit Tesco is because they have this play area for kids. Like all other typical dual income family with no maids, we always bring our kids along to shop. And since Tesco thoughtfully builds this free playing area, one of us can sit there and keep watch while our kid(s) play while the other half goes shopping in peace. A real win-win situation for all.
And then something happened. Suddenly when I go to any Tesco stores, I don't see that free playing area any more. All I see is they've been turned into this for profit video games arcade. I don't know whose idea is this but I think Tesco screwed up big time for doing that. Now we have to pay to let our kids have fun. Gone were the days that the children can have fun playing together with total strangers. What's even worse, not all of us can afford to or willing to fork out our hard-earn money so that the kids can play those senseless video games. And when that happens you can always see those kids cry and create a scene around those video arcades much to the dismay of the parents.

I demand that Tesco (M) brings back those free playing area. What's a few thousand ringgit of profit compared to your customer's satisfaction and a pleasant shopping experience? I think most would agree with me that we'd rather have those free playing area compared to that queue buster thingy that you're promoting. Do that or you'll have this regular customer shop somewhere else.


  1. Actually, Tesco is aiming business customers, where they'll buy in bulk. Therefore the price is cheaper than Giant. And recently goods in Giant are more expensive than other supermarket and even shops.

  2. hi understand how u feel. this can be seriuos on their part, as it is a family store afterall.

    think should write to them and let them know :)

  3. I did copy this post and send to them. Not sure whether they'll respond though.

  4. Tesco KD still has the free play area. When you claim "Suddenly when I go to ANY Tesco stores, I don't see that free playing area any more." have you actually gone to the Tesco KD?

  5. Well yeah maybe you're right there. But the other 7 million Tesco stores don't have free play area no more!