Best of The Cardigans

Listening to Swedish pop act The Cardigans always bring back fond memories of my short but memorable stay in Sweden during which I hang around IKEA World HQ eating meatballs with lead singer Nina Persson and trek along the fjords which is strange because I've never been to Sweden or anywhere else outside this country, ever. Besides, nobody treks along the fjords. It's dangerous and quite pointless. Ah well, maybe in my dreams.
Who could forget that sweet girly voice of Nina Persson and the cool yet funky 60s inspired pop rock music by The Cardigans. Although not very active at the moment, this band is definitely up there among my most fave bands along with Nirvana and Weezer. Here's the best of The Cardigans for your listening pleasure.

Best of The Cardigans
(in order of my preference)

1. Rise and shine

2. Carnival

3. Lovefool (acoustic)

4. Sick & tired

5. My favourite game

6. Erase/rewind

7. Been it

8. Deuce

9. Losers

10. Happy meal

11. Burning down the house (feat Tom Jones)

12. Pooh song

13. Hanging around

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