Leave it to the pros

A few days ago my 4 years old had a kind of serious skin infection on his face. Adam had been showing signs of eczema ever since his was small but this one was quite serious because the thing has started to boil and he couldn't stop scratching his face. We went to a clinic nearby but the doctor said it could be really serious because Adam also had a temperature. So she advised us to go to a hospital for further inspection.
One of the perks Linda enjoys for working at her current workplace is panel clinics and hospitals, including all those under PMCare. So today we went to the KPJ Kajang Specialist Hospital in Kajang to get Adam checked up.

We rarely go to private hospitals before so when we got there we were quite at lost of what to do. Thankfully for us, a staff there approached us the moment we stepped into the place and after inquiring about our problem he promptly guided us to the appropriate place on the 1st floor. He showed us where the registration counter is and told us to wait in front of the correct room. So very professional, a far cry from the government hospital we've been to in Serdang where we had to wait for hours to get Adam's dislocated shoulder fixed.
Yes we had to wait for over an hour for our turn because the it was Saturday and there's a dozen patient before us but it was all worth it.
The regular doctor that we went to said Adam is suffering from one thing and prescribe a medication. The last doctor who checked him said he was infected with a condition called herpes something and warned it could be really serious. The doctor that we visited today said something different altogether and explains very thoroughly his symptoms and the correct treatment for each and every one of them. So who should we listen to? The general practitioner or the self-proclaimed family doctor or the well-paid, professional paediatrician? We decided to follow the latter. So Adam didn't have that herpes thingy, just regular virus infection. Silly Dr. Sarrimadh.

A week later Adam had improved tremendously and the medications that we got from KPJ worked like a charm. I think we'll be going to this hospital first for everything from now on. Too bad I'm not covered by PMCare.

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