Year end party

Anyone read about the no-panties party rumours allegedly planned in Johor Bharu? They're true! Except it's not held in JB but right here in Seri Kembangan, Selangor. More specifically at my friend's Bujal house.
Okay-okay I am just kidding as usual. Nope there's no pantie-less party tonight. Well I don't know whether Bujal wore his panties or not tonight but we did have a party at his house. In fact it is still going on right now as I type this. Some of my colleagues pooled their resources to organize this little get together at Bujal's place in Taman Lestari Putra.
I think most of my colleagues were there, bringing along their spouses, kids and partners. I brought Adam who was as usual, makes himself busy helping me with the chores. The menu for tonight was fried bihun, laksa, spaghetti and various other snacks and cakes. The main course was of course the chicken barbecue (with a few fishes as well) which was mostly cooked by yours truly.
That was Rizal S and Sapuan pretending to grill some fish. They burnt all the fishes later on. When I arrived, Bujal and Sapuan were frantically trying to light up the fire for almost half an hour already to no avail. I did it in less than 5. I didn't become the official satay boy for 10 years in a row for nothing you know. I end up cooking over half of the chickens. If you came across a few raw/under-cooked chickens that's normal la wei. Nobody's perfect you know.
The cake was provided by Mrs Nordolyna whose birthday is today. My Boss' birthday was last Saturday so Happy Birthday to you guys. Doly came by tonight showing off her brand new Proton Persona. The party was supposed to last late until midnight but I didn't stay for long because Adam was already bugging me to go home by 11:00.
Standing on the right holding the baby (not hers) is Miss Hajar. It was her last day at work today and she'll be furthering her studies in UPM tomorrow. Good luck and all the best Hajar, I won't miss you at all he he. But Mr. Radzi probably will. Is it true when you said that Boss will be taking over your place?

Thanks for the food and party Bujal, guys. We definitely should do this again some time. Happy New Year.

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  1. I came too early (7.50pm) and the food wasn't ready yet. I wish I didn't have another place to go but then, family is more important right? hehe..