Champions beaters

Barcelona 1 - Liverpool 2

Liverpool pulled off one of the most stunning results in their proud European history as they came from behind to defeat Barcelona 2-1 in the Nou Camp on Wednesday night. It was a night Liverpool fans will never forget as they watched their side upset the odds to secure a famous, famous victory at the home of the European champions. Owh what a feeling! Although I had to wake up at 3.30 in the morning and stay up for 2 hours, it’s truly worth it.

I thought oh crap, we were in trouble when Deco headed in the opener on the 14th minute but Craig Bellamy’s equalized 2 minutes before the break gave us the much needed confidence boost.

Me and the rest of Liverpool supporters world wide would have settled for a 1-1 draw against the likes of Barca but we were soon dancing with delight as John Arne Riise smashed home what was to be the winning goal on 73 minutes.

After beating Premiership Champions Chelsea last month, Liverpool seemed to have a knack for beating champions and this time it’s the reigning European Champions turn, in their own backyard some more mind you! Confidence is high at the moment for Liverpool and if we manage to stop Barca at home in two weeks time, I seriously think we can go all the way and win the Champions League again! You just mark my word on that!


  1. ooohh i'm sooooo not into this football thingie..

    i just don't understand y people wanna berebut over one ball..there's like so many balls out there u can get at the shops..

    need i say more? ;p

  2. Yeah, it's a guy's thing.. ;)