Make fun of myself day

In conjunction with our happy and joyous post-salary/bonus mood here at my office, I'm gonna make today the Make fun of myself day. Here's some flashback pictures from waaaaay back.

Now you've probably heard of big foot in Johore but have you ever heard of Big Hair? They're somewhat related to big foot but more good looking with lots of mojo. It's what people say a chick-magnet? Well, they managed to catch this one on camera at the National Library a few years ago.

Big Hair has evolved quite well compared to their primitive cousin and they normally don people's clothes like jeans and t-shirts, heck they even like to read books at the library some more.

After some quick check, it is learned that Big Hair also likes to have his picture taken among flowers beds. Asked what his aspirations are, Big Hair said: "I wanna be a 80's rock star and take the world by storm, HELL YEAH!". No wonder his hair style is awful.

Today's post was brought to you by the letter L (for lame)



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    So FUNNY!!

  2. Dat picture captured when ur running sooo kelakar la fren..


  3. Do u still sport the same hairstyle?

  4. The title says it all..

    So pardon me yea..

  5. It's okay beb, I thought it was funny too! Linda deliberately shot the picture when I wasn't ready yet (hence the running action). No I shave my head every two weeks now (easier to manage).