Welcome Nur Shafy Hani!

Congratulations to my sister in law Lin & hubby for the birth of their first child Nur Shafy Hani last Thursday!

We cancelled all our weekends programs and drove all they way to Manjung to see her on Saturday.

Due to some complication right before delivery, Lin had to undergo a c-section instead of normal birth. According to Dr. Afif: "A C-section delivery is performed when a vaginal birth is not possible or is not safe for the mother or child. Surgery is usually done while the woman is awake but anesthetized from the chest to the legs by epidural or spinal anesthesia. An incision is made across the abdomen just above the pubic area. The uterus is opened, the amniotic fluid is drained, and the baby is delivered." (Wow, I never know I knew that!).

I heard c-sections or cesarean section births can be quite a painful experience for mothers. Just watching my wife delivering Adam the natural way looks painful enough, imagine going through a surgery where they cut you open and stuff! Anyway, I'm glad Lin had gone through delivery safe and sound and she is currently recuperating at her place in Manjung, Perak.

Congratulations again Hazlin and Subree, brace yourself for some sleepless night for the next 6 months! Trust me, we've been there and done that :).

Okay2, raising a kid is not that hard. You'll just need some tender loving care and a lot of patience. Yes the first 6 months would be quite an experience but after that you'll find all those sleepless nights and hardship is truly worth it. Good luck guys!

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