Thanks people

I'd like to thank our System Enginer Safuan, for fixing me an Internet connection direct to our Streamyx pc instead of the usual firewalled/proxied route. You've made my blogging experience so much better.
Mr Safuan, SE
Also many thanks to my boss, for giving us the newly confirmed staff (like me) a bonus together with this month's salary. Although he doesn't have to but he still did, that's so thoughtful of him.

Then I'd like to thank wifey Linda for cooking us dinner everyday and doing the household chores and taking care of Adam and stuff. Don't know what we'll do without her.

Last week also after somebody crashed into my car, I had my first flat tire experience. The truth is, I've been very lucky whenever it came to flat tires. Ever since I started driving there's always somebody to help my change our flat tire, there's my dad and my uncle and that Mobil pump attendant so to be honest I've never tried to change the tire myself. Then when the day finally came for me to do it myself I was almost hopeless. Thank God my tire went flat in the parking lot somewhere in Subang 2 and there's this postman passing by and he was kind enough to show me step by step the right way to do it. I could never thank him enough for helping me out that day and I didn't even catch his name. Talk about kindness of strangers.

Lastly thanks to God for all His blessings although I had some pretty rough tests recently. Without them we'll soon get lost with the pleasures of life.


  1. u shud thank god firstly first then only the rest ;p