Freedom fighters

Last week our System Administrator had blocked our access to two websites, namely & After that surprise move to prevent some of our staff from wasting their time visiting those sites, many were shocked and clearly unhappy with that decision. "We only surf those sites like 10 minutes top everyday, wtf are you saying about we wasting our time!" said one angry co-worker. (don't believe him, that angry co-worker spent more than 10 minutes each day on Friendster & Myspace) Rumours has it they're considering banning Yahoo Messenger as well since that popular messenger program is eating up our network band-with. I couldn't agree more, that's why I always use - it's web-based, use little band-with and it works just as well. Actually I pity our SA a bit since he's just doing his job by order of The Management. I suppose they needed somebody to blame and couldn't find a more obvious choice than our poor SA.

As for me, I'm quite cool if they wanted to block Friendster of Myspace since I rarely visit them anyway. Just don't block cause my life depends on it (ha ha), that's all I'm asking for. Well, even if they do block Blogger, you know there's over half a dozen way to post to Blogger right? I can always use Google Docs & Spreadsheets, e-mail it Blogger, post it via Flickr or Buzznet and many more. Truth is, they can never suppress freedom. Barely a few hours after the ban, my friends and I had found several ways to bypass our Free Proxy.

You see, our company has an excellent track record at hiring people. They have a knack for hiring very talented people with enormous potential (e.g: me and my friends!). No wonder some of our staff were regularly snapped up by associate companies and other firms every year. So we thought, there's several ways to bypass our proxy. In fact, I found a few dozens ways to bypass our proxy at this particular blog. Most of them were not good enough to trick our proxy server but some of them did pass through! So you listen here Mr. System Administrator, you can never suppress freedom in this era of free-speech and globalization, the good guys will always win against the bad guys and may the force be with us all.

In another development, I had to swallow my words (and my pride as well) cause I finally put a mp3 player on my blog. I previously commented that putting those flash player on your blog or site will make them heavy (meaning: long loading time) and sometimes cause problems to certain visitors. Well, Rin's blog still manages to crash my Firefox 2.0 browser from time to time and opening Rina's blog in IE will still be greeted with a couple of pop-up advertisements. Nevertheless, I find the temptation to put a player here is too great to resist. I always wanted to share my favourite songs with everybody so I thought what the heck, I'd put a player there on the side but I would turn off the auto-play function so that you'll have to double-click the song to play it. FYI I never switch off my sub woofer under my desk and every time I open Rin's or Rina's blog, I'll have Babyface or Gwen Stefani suddenly blaring at top volume that the entire office could hear :P

So here it is people, my first flash mp3 player. I'm still figuring out why they never finish the entire song before moving out to the next. Could it be something wrong at the host or is it my player is not working properly? Could you please let me know Rin? Hanum?? Anybody???

p/s: I hope Mrs IT consultant wouldn't kill me for that comment and boss, I only spent 10 minutes jer on this blog tau - cheers!


  1. Hello, so u finally decided to let your blog go public huh? Well ur now on my blogger list, favor returned. :)

    Temptation got the better of u eh? Sape suruh pasang volume kuat2x kat ofis? ;P But at least my songs are all slow ones, I bet my sis' was the one that caused most of the heart attacks! ha ha

    Anyways, I don't exactly know why ur songs tak complete, but like u said, maybe the problem lies with the host. Maybe the songs itself mmg tak complete. My suggestion is you upload your own songs to snapdrive. Habis citer...

  2. Thanks for the info Rin, I'll definitely give Snapdrive a try. I think Googlepages deliberately cut my songs in half to discourage people from storing mp3s at their server (how wicked!)

    Owhh you don't have to do that..... But thanks anyway, I really appreciate it. Muchas gracias mi buena hermana!