Happy Birthday Mom!

That's my mom in yellow

Yesterday (February 13th) is my mom's birthday. I just wanna wish happy birthday mom, may you have many more great and wonderful years ahead of you and don't worry, your present will be on it's way soon!

To be honest, I don't remember how old she is this year (I don't even know when my dad's birthday is). But the important thing is your 4 adorable kids still remember about your birthday yesterday and you still got someone to wish you Happy Birthday. I know I didn't turned out to be the child you hoped to be, plus sometimes we had our differences I just want you to know that I still love you no matter what.

Thanks for treating us KFC yesterday. Mom is usually very errr, sparing with her money and taking us out for dinner is a real rarity so when she did, it's a big deal to me. The last time she treat us anywhere is when she got her brand new Myvi.

Anyway, Happy birthday again mom, thanks for everything.

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