The day before the election

Less than 24 hours to go. Tomorrow will be the moment of truth for Malaysia. Tomorrow 10.9 eligible voters shall go to the polls to decide who will run the country for the next 4 years or so. Of course the numbers could be less if say 60 or 70% of people only turns out to vote. I for once will be voting for the first time so understandably am very eager and excited to do my part tomorrow. Nevertheless, some of my friends might not be voting tomorrow. A few of them err forgot to register in the first place. That's a pity really. Someday when anyone complains about rising fuel and goods prices and corruption and scandals everywhere, I can earnestly say "That's your fault! Who told you not to register yourself and vote in the first place?" You didn't exercise your right to choose so why are you complaining now? I didn't vote for them so if there's anyone who should be complaining that would be me!
After 13 days of campaigning, tomorrow is D-day. Decision day. Malaysians will be going to the polls from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon and several hours later we should find out about the results on TV and the Internet. Tomorrow we'll find out whether the government's monopoly of the mainstream media have worked or whether the Opposition's rule in cyberspace have worked to their benefit. Yes the BN-led government can control and manipulate the mass media but on the Internet, they're completely harmless. And trust me, the general feeling of many educated and web-savvy Malaysians is pro-opposition. This past few months, I can't find a single blog that genuinely supports the government (UMNO suck ups don't count). Many of them was really critical of the government and they speak out and truly express what they feel about it.
Today's younger generation are more open-minded, educated and sophisticated set of individuals. Unlike their predecessors, today's youth are not easily influenced or brain-washed by what they see or hear on the mainstream media. They can think and evaluate things by themselves whether it's right or wrong. When they can't find this on the traditional media, they search for alternative on the new media like the Internet. And from what I've see and read, many our our younger generations are really critical of the government. They know all about the corruptions, scandals and abuse of power. They are also well aware of the systematic discrimination that is being implemented in every facet of their lives. Some of them are still young and might not be eligible to vote yet but for the rest of them, I think if each and every one of them go out in forces to vote at the polls tomorrow and the BN govrnment will be running like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.

Now back to my home town. No matter what you saw or heard on TV, radios or read in the paper about BN's confindence in wrestling back Kelantan, don't believe any of them. They're all just cheap talk and propaganda to please themselves and their supporters. The reality is so much more different I know most of my friends in my office will be voting for the Opposition. I know my wife, her family and I will be voting for PAS tomorrow. I know my uncle and aunt will by supporting the opposition in Kinrara. Another uncle of mine in Sungai Buloh will be returning home to vote for PAS tonight. My aunty and her hubby here in Pasir Mas have been a staunch PAS supporter for as long as I can remember. My grandma? Just know when the two of us went to town together in my car, just the two of us, she told me most of her friends will be voting for PAS this time around. Be it teachers, nurses or even people in uniform. She herself (psst don't tell this to anyone, she said!) will be dividing her votes. parliament for PAS and state for BN. I don't know where's the logic in that but at least I know we got one of her votes now! Bear in mind that this is my grandma who used to proudly represent her local UMNO division to the general assembly many years ago and has raised me to believe in UMNO and BN and has been an UMNO member all her life. But having been living here in Kelantan all these while, my grandma must have known better. She must have realised that the PAS government is not all that bad and she should know very well how screwed up UMNO in this state is. How they're deeply divided with constant power struggle and cah keting (back stabbing) and all. Somebody said to me BN loose in Kelantan not because PAS is strong, it's because UMNO is weak and divided.
So I think everyone here in Kelantan is going for PAS except my mom. My uncle Nan came by earlier to try to persuade my mom to change her mind but all he succeeded in doing is getting her all riled up and upset. My mom, when she made up her mind, there's nothing much you can do to change that. Plus she is very-very loyal. I think I got both of those traits from her. :)

Anyway for my forecast for tomorrow. I think the Opposition is going to win big in Kelantan and Terengganu and make some major inroad in Kedah and Perlis. I think Penang might fall to the Opposition too but it's gonna be very close. Other states will still belong to BN although with much reduced margins. Nevertheless, I think in this election, the Opposition will kick BN's asses really hard. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is confident the Opposition can secrue 75 seats in Parliament and lead a new government. Somehow I don't share his optimism. The more realistic outcome for tomorrow is: BN to retain 2/3 majority but with less seats. The Opposition I predict will have a stronger voice in Parliament and that's good because BN won't be able to bulldoze their bills through and amend the constitution at will. That's my prediction for tomorrow. All the same, we can only plan so much. Ultimately God will decide. Tomorrow is the dawn of a new era.

It's nearly 1:30 AM now, I better get some sleep for the big day.

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