Top 5 films of all time

Tagged by Anfield Devotee to list 5 of my all time fave movies. And my Oscar goes to...

Star Wars (Episode 1 - V)

This film single-handedly changed modern cinema to what we know it to be today. It is the ultimate modern fairy tale. A young knight runs off with a wise old wizard to save the princess from the clutches of evil. Of course, it runs a little deeper than that, and makes the old tale of good versus evil so much more compelling. Setting it long ago in a galaxy far, far away is pure genius and it introduces us to a futuristic galaxy of beautiful style and diversity that leaves us with a fantastic space opera. Despite its unfamiliar setting, we can relate to all the characters. There's the handsome maverick, the beautiful heroine, the aspiring young knight, the wise old mentor, and the darkly clad villain. Even the droids are characters we can recognise and relate to. What is so special about this film is that the distractions of things like politics, geography, and nationality are eliminated to leave us with simple humanity. This film has everything you could ever want. The characters are great; the action's great; the story is magnificent, and of course the lightsabers are really cool.

Harry Potter
I saw this movie before I read the book and I was very much impressed. Chris Columbus had really captured the magic with his amazing creativity. He takes us to a wonderful journey through the magical community. The cast was perfect. The Music was really awesome. The theme song really had the magic in it. Awesome visual effects. The movie was beautifully taken. It had all the elements, the humor, the happiness, the darkness, the sadness and the magic. A movie definitely worth watching. Trust me, you'll enjoy it. Hats off to Chris Columbus and J.K.Rowling for creating this wonderful magical world.

Back To The Future
There are certain films that you grow up with. I have seen Back To The Future more times than i care to imagine. Each and every time I watch it, it never fails to get me hooked straightaway. What is it about this film that makes it endlessly watchable? The main character is a kid I wanted to be. The film centres around Marty Mcfly played by Michael J. Fox. He is accidentally transported back in time to the year 1955 where he inadvertently prevents his parents from falling in love-hence threatening his very existence. It may sound complicated but the genius of the film is the simplicity of the script. In short, Marty just wants to get back home. To assist him in his quest is the man who helped him get there in the first place. Doc Brown is as eccentric as they come but Christopher Lloyd makes him lovable with his great performance. The chemistry between Michael J. Fox and the afore mentioned Lloyd is the key to the entire movie. It works a treat, making the film come to life. Watching Marty and Doc struggle to put their well thought out plan into action at the film's climax is as exciting as anything seen. The scale of this movie is not huge. It's not a big special effects film. The score makes the film jump out of the screen.. The Back To The Future main theme is one of the most recognised in cinema. The phrase 'Back to The Future' will be with us forever- just as this classic movie will be. 'Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads'

Grease has to be the best musical off all the time. Being a romance, comedy, musical and so much more, makes it unique. John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing, Didi Cohn, Jeff Conaway and so many more make this an all-star hit. This movie well illustrates what the 50s was all about. I must say, anyone who thinks its ovverrated or anything else bad must've seen how amazing this classic is. And, who can forget the music. Absolutely amazing. It's no wonder that the Grease soundtrack in the best selling musical soundrack ever. (It sure is brilliant.) Grease really is the word. It's fantastic

Initial D
Based on a popular manga by Shuichi Shigeno, Initial D is a high-octane anime series about the world of downhill mountain racing. Takumi Fujiwara is an average high-school student who has honed his driving skills while making late-night deliveries for his father's tofu restaurant. When he has an inadvertent run-in with one of the area's top racers, Takumi finds himself thrust into the world of mountain racing and is soon battling for top honors in a series of daredevil downhill races. Thrilling and adrenaline-fueled, the anime is presented in its entirety with this collection of episodes. Sure beats the anime version on TV. Got me hooked on drifting for a while although I know my car can never do that.


So what's your all time favourite movies? As always I wanna tag my two favourite victims: Rina & Rin.


  1. TQ fer doing the tag dude. Eh, no 'Goal' ah? Ha ha!

    Grease - didn't take you fer a musicals type guy, but hey . . .

    Back to the future - Most memorable feature of the movie? The DeLorean car with its gull wing hydraulic doors. Fooking cool or what . . .

    Initial D - tak tengok la bro.

    Harry Porter - charming but not quite classic material don't ya think. The later flms have been a tad disappointing as well.

    May be we ought to ban fooking Star Wars from the tag. Ok, me knows a whole fooking generation grew up on it but to have virtually everyone under the age of 40 say its their fave is a tad predictable.

    Thanx again!

    ps: You wanna join the rest of MYRAWK guys fer the big game on Sun? I'll be there. Pls leave me a msg on me blog if you are game. Do join us dude.

  2. Don't think I can make it la man. My wife is expecting our 2nd child anytime now and I'm on standby 24/7. Maybe next time kay?