IKEA visit #459

Guess what?

We actually went to Courts Mammoth today! Okay-okay I know that's really lame and yes we went to IKEA again this weekend. Actually my mom wanted to go to his brother's house in Kota Damansara and she wanted to buy some stuff there (excuses-excuses). In spite of the ongoing IKEA sale, this time I don't feel like seeing or buying anything. I think I've seen all that there is to see and I've kinda lost the excitement of visiting the store over the years.

We left in the middle of the afternoon right after work and there a bit of massive traffic jam after the Sungai Besi toll plaza albeit only for a short while. First thing first, we left Adam at Smaland so that he can knock himself out there and leave us in peace for at least one hour. Linda went to do her groceries shopping at Tesco nearby while my mom and I went into IKEA.
Since it's sale time, there were numerous price cut and discounts for a lot of items and some of them even sold out already. But as I said before, I have no interest for any of them this time because I have other more important things to prioritize like (Linda's upcoming delivery).

Still, I found this neat little black table lamp for sale at the AS-IS department for only 20 ringgit from the original price of RM39. I must confess I have a soft spot for IKEA lamps of all shapes and sizes and at 20 bucks, it's a steal really. Some more, it got the expensive halogen bulb all fitted in too. But just when I'm about to pay for the lamp, my mom saw it and begged talked me out and hand over the lamp to her. Said it would look so nice in her bedroom in Pasir Mas. I'd really like to keep it but since it's my mom, oh well, what the heck. So long lampy, I guess we're not meant for each other after all.

Next stop my uncle's place at section 5 in Kota Damansara. I always liked their old home in Bandar Kinrara better and I don't know why after they returned back from Kuching several years ago the opted to buy a house there instead. I think Kota Damansara is getting a bit crowded so to speak with endless housing projects, terraces, condos sprouting all over the place. Even the traffic is getting worse there by the day (hint-hint!). Unlike Kinrara which I think is more laid back and serene and there's only a little bit of traffic during the morning rush hour to contend to. Well, whatever it is, it's their choice and their life and who am I to question their judgement?


  1. I too happen to move from kinrara to Kota Damansara. And have not regretted it one bit. I love it here, everything i need is within a short drive. wrt the traffic, what else is new in Msia, but since we're living close by to places like ikea and the curve we have the option to do our shopping during the non peak hours! ;)

    we're in section 5 too, @ 5/18. Whereby does your uncle live?

  2. I never said it's wrong to move there or anywhere else for that matter. It's entirely your prerogative where you want to live or buy a house right? I'm just voicing my opinion, that's all.

    My uncle lives at Jalan Sepah Puteri by the way. About the traffic, I still think they're almost as bad as Seri Kembangan during the morning rush hour. Lucky for you, you don't have to go through all that every morning right? Cheers.

  3. i accept ur opinion, jus letting u know mine and found it interesting tht coincidentally u hv a relative who moved from kinrara to KD AND at jln sepah puteri too! ;)