Take a look at the crack on my windshield above and tell me whether it was:

a) Hit by a stray rock while driving

b) Cracked by an angry mob of UMNO supporters

c) Landed on by a radioactive spider

d) Hit by Adam Farihin's head because he couldn't stand still in the car

If your answer is anything but (d) I'm afraid you're wrong. Yeah my 4 year old Adam did that when he smashed into the windscreen when I suddenly braked my car. Thank God he's okay. Just a slight bump on his head. He didn't even cry for long. He's back to his usual naughty self in just half an hour. Now I have this huge crack and my windscreen and that nagging feeling that it might collapse at a moment's notice. Sigh.

p.s: How much to replace windscreen for Savvy ha?


  1. really..? adam adam.. ur kid is so strong! haha! this reminds me of hubby's story when he juz lil kiddo like adam. a coconut fell down while he was playing under the coconut tree. that coconut broke into 2 pieces but he wasn't crying or even hurts.

  2. Yeah someday he's gonna take over the world!!

  3. fifi, u not insured ur windscreen meh?

  4. i think it's best you go bring adam to the doctor to check his head who knows internal bleeding ke apa ke coz the impact quite teruk jugak..lucky he was not thrown out of the car..

    lucky i took windscreen insurance for my car if not where to cari rm 2k for my car windscreen if jadik mcm ni..

    hope adam is ok.

    drive carefully next time!

  5. Thanks for your concern guys, will drive carefully next time. Maybe tie up Adam to his chair also.

    Of course got insurance but we're considering all options available.

  6. oh dear horror nye! glad to know that he's ok. yeah kids his age should be forced into their car seats.

  7. Headbutting football hooligan in the making . . .?

    ps: Just make sure he's on our side; otherwise fooking susah la wei! Ha ha!

  8. Don't worry Bala, no kid of mine is going to support any other team than The Reds, I'll make sure of that!