Goodbye friend

Today is my friend Irwan's last day at the office. FYI Irwan will be continuing his studies doing CCNA and MCSE at his old college at KLIUC. I always thought that this day would happen not because he is not suited with working here or anything, it's because he is still young and he has a bright future ahead for him and it would be quite a waste if he doesn't use this opportunity to garner more knowledge and further improve himself. I can only teach him for only so much with my relatively limited knowledge and I must commend his decision to do CCNA and MCSE, two of the most distinguished and coveted certifications in the IT field.
Irwan has been a good partner, friendly, humble and always generous ever since he first joined us almost 8 months ago. Although I must admit he rather lacks the necessary skills when he started here, he more than made up for it by showing his enthusiasm and desire to learn new things everyday. He also rarely complains when asked to do anything during work no matter how difficult or trivial they seems to be.

So good luck and all the best to you buddy in whatever you do. You've been a good friend and we will certainly miss you not being around here anymore. Don't forget to study now and go easy on the girls eh? :)


  1. au revoir "hdung arnab" - that's irwan nickname in d office n bonne chance for ur study!!

  2. I tried CCNA once, quited during my 2nd semester after realized that the certificate can only last for 2 years before having to resit for a renewal. Not to discourage or anything but MCSE and CCNA is really challenging.

    All the best dude! ;-)