Malaysian General Election 2008

Yeah baby, I'm gonna do some voting today, yeah! I woke up early, have breakfast and went straight to the polling station 15 minutes after it opens (that's 8:15 AM). Since this is my first time voting, I'm very excited to go to the polling station and cross that little piece of paper. You could say I'm a virgin voter he he!
It poured this morning when we're about to leave the house. But this time, I don't think rain, storm, flood or even a blizzard is going to stop me from going out to vote today.
While they don't care much about development or entertainment, one thing the people of Kelantan is very passionate about is politics. That's why during the general election, this state of mine turned into one big partay! with posters and banners and part flags everywhere.
I can really tell the difference between here and Seri Kembangan where I live where the election atmosphere is pretty quiet and not really happening.My polling station is at SRK Sultan Ibrahim 3, less than 2 kilometres from my home in Pasir Mas. There was not much crowd when I got there since I half expected it to be crowded from what I saw in other places like Selangor or KL.
Anyway, I was done within 5 minutes. The ballot papers looked rather confusing at first since they were in black and white when I was already used to the colourful party logos. But I looked carefully at both logos and voted for my party of choice.
Both political parties have set up up booths (or posts) outside the polling station so that voters can check up their names and get the polling stream numbers. They've got PCs, printers and wireless Internet some more don't prey-prey ar! Hmm, I wonder if they're using Maxis or Celcom.

So I'm calling everyone out there who missed out the chance to vote last Saturday to quickly get yourself registered for the next general or by-election. I think you can register at the nearest post office or whenever those SPR people do their roadshow and set up counters at public places (i.e shopping malls). Each and every single one of your vote counts and will chart the next course of this country's future.

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