8+2 random facts revisited

A few days back, Mama Rin tagged me to list 8 random facts about meself. What she didn't know is, I already did that here (and you call yourself my fan, huh). Nevertheless just to make her happy, I'll re-post the list here again.

10 random facts

1. I don't eat most type of fish except for salmons or if you take out all the bones for me first.

2. Blame it on my parent, but I didn't wear underwear until I'm like 10 years old.

3. I had my first wet dream at 14 years of age with Fauziah Latiff , and my wife lurves to tease me about this every time her song is on the air. It's not like I'm a fan of her or something and I can't exactly control who I dream of can I?

4. I absolutely love the rain, it gives me an enormous sense of well-being. I love the 'fresh' feeling it gives after a downpour, like the earth is washed away of all the dirts and impurity. Also because of the fact I was born in November which is coincidentally the rainy season so when it starts to rain all the time I know my birthday is just around the corner.

5. I used to be a tough guy and don't easily shed my tears for anything. But since my baby boy was born, I became this sensitive dude who easily got teary eyed when seeing terrible things or touching moments.

6. I learned to drive a car first at 17 got my licence the next year but only know how to ride a bike 4 years later.

7. Kurt Cobain had huge influence on me while I grow up. So much that when your hear me talking like very lazy-ish and hard to comprehend, you know where I got that from.

8. I'm not a big fan of coffee and only drink it when I'm at people's place just to be polite. Give me tea or Milo anytime.

9. I lost a few teeth following a terrible accident somewhere along Gua Musang when I was 21. That's what happened when you don't listen to your mom.

10. I love the number 24 and it's like my favourite/lucky number. Maybe because I was born on the 24th?

And now you know.

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  1. la ye ke? ha ha
    thanks for entertaining me anyways! he he :D