What's inside my bag

What's inside my famous 39 ringgit black IKEA working bag.

1. 3 black Faber-Castell ballpens
For obvious reasons. I don't use any other colors except black.

2. A pen knife
To cut stuff.

3. A packet of toothpicks

4. A Stabilo universal permanent marker
Mainly to label my cds/dvds. This marker can write on just about any flat surface.

5. Staff name tag
This makes it easier for new acquaintances.

6. A microSD adapter

7. A test pen
It's broken already, I cannot test any live plugs with this. Use mainly as a screwdriver.

8. A pair of scissors

9. A Stabilo exam grade eraser
I don't erase much but I use this to clean up dirty old RAMs.

10. A Pilot G-2 gel pen

11. 1GB Imation thumbdrive
Contain latest McAfee SDAT and several important stuff. A gift from Mr. Radzi.

12. USB Bluetooth adapter
To transfer files from any PC/notebook to any Bluetooth enabled device (i.e a handphone or PDA).

13. A compact stapler

14. 2 GP rechargeable AA batteries

15. A bundle of zip ties
For cable management.

16. My company's Customer Service Report form

17. A black color-coded organizer
I wrote a lot of important notes and stuff in this. Everything that I've learned over the years during work.

18. A set of screwdrivers
From flat head to Phillips to Allen keys. Redeem from Linda's Bonuslink points.

19. A long nose plier

20. 5 pieces of floppy disks
Obsolete you say? For us IT guys, definitely not!

21. A Prolink Wireless 802.11g USB dongle
Plug this in and your PC/notebook can receive wireless Internet!

22. 2 Eveready AA batteries
Spare batteries for my digital camera.

23. One 256MB SD card
From my old Kodak digital camera.

24. One 512MB SD card
From my old Motorola L7 phone.

25. One Nikon L10 digital camera + 2 rechargeable AA batteries
To take pics of chicks evidence and stuff.

26. One Ipod Shuffle
Keep me company during lonely times.

27. One 64 sleeves CD bag
My livelihood. Contains everything from software, installers, drivers, various Linux distros, blank cdr and dvds.

27. Pay slip for 2 months
In case I want to make an impromptu loan ha ha!

28. 3 copies of my wife's resume
Just in case any of my clients need a new staff.

29. Pink Post It notes

30. One 256MB DDR RAM
To test RAMs.

31. Various stickers and labels


  1. Wow! You seems so much more organized than me. Bravo!! haha..

  2. mak datuk bnyk nye benda. kalah beg perempuan! ;)

  3. Hey, where did you get your awesome Ikea bag?

  4. From a pasar malam, where else?