I'm dreaming of an EEE PC

Currently no 1 on my wish list, the Asus EEE PC notebook got my name written all over it. It's super-small, compact, lightweight and the portability is every blogger's wet dream.

Specs: 900 MHZ Intel Celeron M, 512MB- 1GB RAM, 2 - 16GB SSD hard disk, 7" TFT LCD, Wireless, MMC/SD card reader, Xandros Linux/Windows XP.

I've seen this notebook on display at Low Yat Plaza last month but they won't tell me the price yet. Duh! Anyway after some googling I found out the price ranges from US$299 to $549 (RM1016 - RM1816). But I'm sure those store will jack up the price some more.


  1. Go and buy using the DiGi eePC ASUS RM123 monthly installment la. Got internet EDGE in the package as well...hehe..

  2. How I wish...

    But FYI I cannot register with any telco anymore cause apparently I still owe TMTouch a few hundreds worth of unpaid bills.