Astro - everybody got one

Ever since I wrote about that free decoder from Astro post last month, everybody in my department started subscribing to Astro, not just at home but also at work too.
Like my colleague Fiza got one.
Abang Din also got one at his desk.
Bujal said the Asto dish dramatically improves his WiFi reception.
En Mazlan (not his real name) didn't want to miss his favourite Tamil movies during lunch so he got one himself.
En. Jeff watching Astro Vaanavil on his laptop. Our friend Feti is a little bit shy today because she got pimple on her forehead.
En. Radzi (also not his real name) got one for himself and his deputy.
I say man, even Sapuang got one installed on his kapchai. How to watch Astro on a bike? Using the side mirror?

1 comment:

  1. funny..
    x dpt nak bygkan c sapuang naik moto dgn piring astro 2 skli!!!..