Aku tak bodoh

Aku tak bodoh is a light family drama comedy based in the highly successful Singaporean made I not stupid too film by Jack Neo. It attempts to encapsulate the stereotypical dilemma in a live of a modern family who struggles to balance between career and time with their children.

The story revolves around the father (Riezman) and mother (Amy Mastura) who neglects their two children emotionally because they're too busy working to further their careers. Their sons Roy and Jeffri had to resort to other, often questionable ways to express their feelings and tackle problems in their everyday life. Meanwhile another father (Namron) is exasperated to find his only son Sudin is more interested in fighting and marshal art then excel in his studies.

Prior to watching this movie, I actually had tremendous expectation because of the interesting line up of casts like Adibah Nor and Dato' Jalalludin Hassan. I thought this one must be at least as good as Sepet or Mukhsin. I was wrong. The established casts like Adibah Nor, Dato' Jalalludin Hassan and Harith Iskandar only plays a supporting if not a cameo role in this film. The main protagonist were Riezman, Amy Mastura, Namron and the three kids whose performance were not exactly award-winning material. But then again Ahmad Puad Onah is no Yasmin Ahmad.

Aku tak bodoh has it's fair share of light moments and moral stories but it doesn't has the far-reaching or profound effect as several other films that has Adibah Noor in it. Jack Neo's I not stupid sparked a parliamental debate in Singapore which prompted them to change their education system for the better while becoming the country's second top grossing films of all time. I doubt Aku tak bodoh would even cover it's making costs. Should have waited for this one to air on TV next Hari Raya.