Top 10 reasons why you should get an iPad

Apple iPad, the most popular and fastest-selling tablet computer on the planet. Here's some of the reasons why 5 millions people already bought an iPad:

1. Play games, games games!

2. Watch movie, music videos and listen music and Internet radio anywhere, anytime.

3. Browser the web and check emails on the go.

4. Read eBook or PDF file anywhere.

5.Compose, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations using iWork, DocumentsToGo or QuickOffice.

6. Poke people on Facebook, tweet with Twitter or chat with others using IM apps.

7. Remote control your Mac from your living room using VNC Viewer or a PC a hundred miles away with LogMeIn Ignition.

8. Turn it into a fancy photo frame or alarm clock.

9. Learn to play a piano, guitar, violin, harp or scratch a turntable like a pro.

10. As a replacement for your bulky netbook/notebook.