Happy Birthday Adam Farihin

Today Adam Farihin is 6 years old. For a six year old, Adam Farihin did pretty well in life. He finishes 3rd in kindergarten, he made lots of friends and he even sleeps in his own room now. Adam Farihin is like any other 6 years old in the world. He likes to play, he loves toys and he also love computer and iPhone games. Unlike some children his age though, Adam rarely asks anything from his parent. Most of the time, he is quite content with everything he got. If he finds or sees a toy or a scooter that he likes very much he would ask nicely for it from his parent. But if his parent said no, he won't throw a tantrum. He understands that while his parent loves him very much, they can't afford to give him everything. At least things that are not very important or high on their priority list. If he still wants something really bad, he'd work hard for it like get a top 3 finish in class or do something that's really worth it or he will just wait until his parent can afford it.

For a six year old, Adam Farihin is a really-really good boy. That is why we love him very much. Happy Birthday Adam Farihin.