Tyre shop in Klang

I have been driving my 2006 Proton Savvy for 4 years and during that time I have change my tyres twice but still using the stock factory rims I got with the car. The last time I changed my tyres the mechanic said all my rims were dented and advised me to change them. So I asked how much and he said "the cheapest is 1.2K before trade in". So how much will you take my current rims? "250 ringgit like that". I said forget it. That was at Piau Joon tyre shop in Seri Kembangan. Since then I felt my driving turned worse every month. I can hear all kinds of noise from my wheels, my balancing is off and I dare not speed more than 100 KM/H fearing my wheels would roll out of its socket.

Today we finally decided to change all our tyres and rims because both of them were so bad, bordering on dangerous conditions already (thank God for credit cards). So where do you find the best deal for tyres and rims in the Klang Valley? Definitely not at the many Piau Joon branches in Seri Kembangan or your local auto/tyre shop. They will rip you off the moment you step in their shops.

So I kept hearing my buddies talking about this really popular tyre shop in Klang but I have no idea where it is. Then I googled around and found out that famous tyre shop in Klang is actually Hing Leong Tyre Service shop, also affectionately known as kedai papan.

This shop is located along Jalan Kapar and if you follow the signboard to Kapar from Klang town you will find this shop just after the traffic light on your right opposite of a Shell gas station (see map below). There sure are a lot of tyre shops in Klang but you can say this one is the centre of tyre universe in the Klang Valley.

There are hundreds of different types of tyres and rims to choose from, new or used and most importantly the offer the best deal in town for tyres and rims. The trade in value for your old rims is also pretty reasonable. My badly bent and dented stock rims for example was worth RM320.00 (after much haggling).

Today I changed all four of my seriously bald tyres for a 15" Silverstone for only RM140 each. For the usual Goodyear NCT5 or Dunlop brand you'll only need to top up another 5 ringgit. Compare that to RM165 that Piau Joon ripped off from me twice before. I also changed my rims to this cheap SSR brand which costs RM650 for a set of four (Piau Joon sells RM1000 per set).

Overall I spent about 1.3K for a new set of wheels and rims including nuts and other stuff (RM130), chamber adjustment (RM15), 2 sets of absorbers (RM240) which I think is not bad at all. The last time I changed 4 set of tyres only at Piau Joon I was 1200 ringgit poorer and that's only for tyres. You can find Hing Leong tyres at this address:

Hing Leong Tyre Services
134 & 136, Jalan Kapar
41400 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-3343 9100

This shop is open everyday from 9:30 AM onwards. Come early and you just might get an extra special deal from the towkey.

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