Afif App Awards 2010

Welcome to the 2nd annual Afif App Awards (see the inaugural award here. This award is dedicated to all the software and apps developer who had made my life easier with their innovation, creativity and hard work. Of course no real awards will be rewarded, just one big thank you from me for their awesomeness. And as always, all of my favorite app here are either open source or completely free.

Without further ado, here are this year's recipient in no particular order:

Best Online Syncing App - Dropbox (Windows,Mac,Linux,Web,Smartphone)

Although there are nearly a dozen free online syncing tools available now, some with bigger storage size (like SugarSync), Dropbox still leads the pack for its speed, reliability and cross-platform support.

Best Notetaking App - Evernote (Windows,Mac,Smartphone)

While facing stiff competition from Simplenote and Springpad, Evernote still made it as the best notetaking App this year due to its robustness and many features.

Best Graphic Editor - GIMP (Windows,Mac,Linux)

Open source, lightweight and almost as good as any off-the-shelf Adobe graphic suite, GIMP is still my favorite choice for an all round graphic editor.

Best Web Browser - Google Chrome (Windows,Mac,Linux)

Firefox could still be me favorite browser if only it doesn't hog too much memory and bring my Windows system to a standstill during heavy use. Google Chrome blazes past Mozilla Firefox to be my favorite browser this year.

Best Online Productivity App - Google Docs (Web)

Google Docs beats its computer in term of speed and ease of use. Furthermore an increasing number of web and mobile apps has made online sync available with Google Docs making it more accessible to a whole range of new devices. If only Google would upgrade its meager 1GB space limit.

Best Optical Media Burning App - ImgBurn (Windows,Linux with Wine)

ImgBurn is a powerful yet lightweight CD/DVD/Blu-Ray burning application that packs similar features to established apps such as Nero and Roxio but still totally free.

Best Password Manager - LastPass (Windows,Mac,Linux,Smartphone,Web)

Guess how many password do I have to key in everyday? Only one, thanks to LastPass who not only remembers all my passwords for me but also offers to fill web forms for me. What would I do without it.

Best Remote Access App - LogMeIn (Windows,Mac)

LogMeIn enables me to log on and control remote PC and Mac anywhere in the world. Need I say more?

Best Desktop Sync App - Synkron (Windows,Mac,Linux)

Synkron lets you sync files and folders across different folders on local or networked computers. You can also schedule for synchronization at regular interval and sync multiple folders and destination. Great for backing up your PC and servers because it's lightweight, easy to use and also open source.

Best Audio/Video Transcoding App - XMedia Recode (Windows)

XMedia Recode lets you choose from hundreds of available presets for transcoding your audio/video according to your device of choice. For example there's a preset for iPhone, iPad, Sony Walkman, Sony PSP, Creative Zen, XBox, Nokia phone and dozens more. Best for encoding multiple files and it also allows you to allocate CPU resource and shutdowns your PC when you finishes. Awesome.