Adam's first day at school

Today is Adam's first day at school, for real. Last Friday we just went for a short 3 hours orientation so that didn't count.

Adam had no problem waking up early in the morning because he's already used to waking up early going to the kindergarten and nursery before. We left home very early at 7:00 AM today. Even Mia was excited to send Adam to school.

The road leading to the school was packed with traffic. Lucky there was some kindly traffic police directing traffic. Only staff and teachers were allowed into the school. School buses and vans can enter the parking lot.

Everybody else had to park outside and walk their children about 400 meters inside. I see they have finally cut the long field grass.

Every Monday there's assembly at the school hall. It was supposed to be 30 minutes program but the teachers had a lot to say today so it didn't finish until an hour later. I hope they don't spew too many 1Malaysia BS to my children like they did today.

After that they kids marched in line to their respective classes, lead by their teachers.

During my time back then in 1987, I remember most mothers including mine waited for their children outside the classroom for the whole day. I guess that is not cool anymore today because the teachers politely asked us to leave while she/he is teaching.

So we waited for Adam for a couple of hours at the canteen until recess. Thank God for iPad or else I would be bored to death.

Recess was around 10:15 AM and we taught Adam how to buy food at the canteen. As usual the canteen is overcrowded with children, parent and teachers. I'm sure the crowd would subside in a couple of days once the parents left. After that we let Adam resume his class. I mean another assembly. His teachers still has plenty to say apparently.

We had some big shot VIPs visiting the school today, some politicians and people from the district education office. No wonder we saw a bunch of coppers hanging out outside today. I saw the Serdang MP Datuk Satim and this one MCA guy who I have no idea who he is. Saw a couple of parent shaking hands and making small talk with them. I hope they would highlight the glaring huge uncovered hole along the some of the drains near the class room which is like a disaster waiting to happen. Or the fact that the kids would be soaking wet when it rains because there's no covered walkway from the school to the parking lot.

After recess we left the school since there's no point staying anyway. Came back later to pick him up when the school finishes at 12:40 PM.

I still remember vividly my first day at school some 23 years ago. Some relative of mine died overseas and the day of his shipment home coincided with my first day at school. Somehow my Mom decided to bring me along to the graveyard first for the burial ceremony before going to school. By the time I got in class my shiny new school shoes is plastered with mud and not so shiny anymore. I still don't understand up until now why my Mom had to put me through that ordeal.

After picking up Adam from school today we went to IKEA to buy some curtains which is on sale. At least Adam get to play at Småland instead of some muddy graveyard like I did. Kids these days are so lucky.