Make money using Twitter & Facebook with ChurpChurp

No I am not kidding, this time you can really make money using your favorite social network and it doesn't even involve MLM!

Launched in December last year, ChurpChurp lets you make money through targeted tweets or every shared links via your Twitter, Facebook and also blogs.

There are basically 3 types of campaigns available once you sign up namely 1. Social Sharing, 2. Scheduled Tweets and 3. Social Seeding. For Scheduled Tweets and Social Seeding campaign, you will be provided an assignment where you will compose a predetermined tweets or posts to be displayed on your Twitter or Facebook timeline or you blog. You will get Scheduled Tweets and Seeding campaigns from a couple of days to a week depending on the campaign quota and demographics requirement.

For Social Sharing, you will be provided new campaigns from time to time from the advertisers to be promoted on your Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on your social network, no assignment needed. You can control what you would like to tweet or post at your Facebook wall and if you're really into this, you can also put the personalized ad URl on your IM status and your Blogger/Tumblr/Posterous/Wordpress pages.

ChurpChurp is a new, exciting and easy way to generate income from your social network especially if you have many-many followers/friends. Payment starts from RM0.20 per unique click so imagine what you could earn in a day with just a few click or taps. Sign up at ChurpChurp now to start earning money for tweets!