Notes organization with Springpad

Springpad is a new web-based note-talking tool that let's you save anything you'd like to remember quickly and easily. Like Evernote you can use Springpad on your web browser, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. However unlike Evernote, there's no stand-alone application for Windows or other operating systems so you can only use your web browser to access and post notes to Springpad.

Like other similar note-taking tool, Springpad lets you write your notes, capture photos and audio, clip websites and scan barcodes. Springpad will automatically sync your notes across your browser and mobile device but it also uses the power of the Internet to add useful information and relevant offers.

Springpad can also categorize everything you save and you can create notebooks to separate your home from work or to plan vacations and projects.

One thing I like about Springpad is the virtual Board which allow for visual organization with easy drag and drop feature.

Every notebook in Springpad will have its own board to help you get organized in a focused and fun way. The Board feature is only available on the web app and iPad only for now.

Among other cool Springpad features include:
• clip notes using a web browser extension with Firefox, Chrome or Safari
• look up products, places, movies and contacts from Facebook and Google in your notes
• scan barcodes to identify and note products
• post notex to Facebook, Twitter or via email
• set up alerts and reminders for your notes
• login to Springpad with your Google, Yahoo, Twitter or Facebook ID

One advantage of using Springpad is it stores everything in the cloud so your notes will be synced automatically between mobile devices and the web plus you don't have to worry about your notes being lost. Compared to Evernote, Springpad has a much nicer user interface and more features. The absence of a standalone desktop application is a non-issue because the Springpad web app is good enough for all my note-taking and organization needs.

However using the iPad app, I found some of the formatting on my notes will get jumbled when opened with the web app. Springpad works great as a to-do app because it is accessible from a smartphone and a browser and syncs seamlessly between them. That said, the reason I will still be using Evernote is because I've been using it for some time now and I have thousands of notes already stored there. Still if you just started keeping your notes with a note-taking app, Springpad is a viable alternative to consider apart from Evernote and Simplenote.