Afif PLC turns four

My blog turns four, yay. If you notice last year I only blogged for 70 times compared to over a hundred posts the previous years. While I'd like to blame it on my busy schedule, family, work and study, actually I have no excuse for my laziness. That said sometimes I took an exceptionally long time to finish a particular post. This is more because I want to emphasize on quality rather than quantity because some of the posts I've written before were simply dreadful.

This blog covers a wide variety of topics and issues such as technology, travel, sports, entertainment, politics and also my personal life. Sometimes I'm in a quagmire deciding whether it's wise to combine all of those subjects together because some of them just don't mix. For example, personal life and politics is the opposite end of the spectrum so does travel and sports. Should I focus on a few inter-related topics or create separate blogs for each different topics? Hmm decisions, decisions.

In the end I decided not to change anything and just be myself. I love to write about everything and anything that interests me so I'm going to have them all here. It's my blog and I cry if I want to. Happy birthday Afif PLC!