Q & A goes social with Formspring

Formspring is a simple question and answer website where visitors can go to ask questions to anybody who is registered there and they can in turn answer questions from just about everybody else.

But Formspring is more than this big, glorified guestbook - it is more of a social response platform. Founded in November 2009, Formspring give people a fun, new way to find out more about each other. Creator, Ade Olonoh from Indianapolis focused on making Formspring a simple and interesting way to ask and answer people's question, just like a quick conversation.

It doesn't matter if you are a regular person (like me) or a famous blogger, artist or celebrities, Formspring is open to everyone. You can ask anyone just about anything. Of course the person being ask has the option whether to answer or just dismiss your questions. This is a fairly useful tool for public figures or celebrities to interact with the general public or their fan/followers. Unlike Twitter, Formspring does not impose a 140 character limit, you can fire away questions of any length and likewise for the answers.

Plus, like any respectable social networking website, Formspring lets you connect and link with your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress accounts. This way you can choose to have all your questions/answers appear on those sites automatically.

From a humble beginning, Formspring now has 20 million accounts from every corner of the world with 3.5 million hits every day. Number of response on Formspring so far? Oh Only 2,000,000,000 answers, that's a cool 2 billion in less than 2 years in existence. Formspring is an interesting new way to connect with people socially, with questions. For more serious Q & A on various academic/scientific/serious topics, try Quora. And if you have any questions you've been dying to ask me, ask me anything on my Formspring page!