The Best Distraction-Free Writing Tools for Windows & Mac

A wise man once said, productive writing is 5% creativity and ideas and 95% distraction-free. Writers and bloggers especially need to apply focus to get their job done. Sometimes this is not easy to achieve when your computer is filled with so many distractions, the Internet for example is one huge elephant in the room that is difficult to ignore. Not to mention writer's block and other physical distractions. So today I am going to share with you my two favorite distraction-free writing tools that I regularly use with both my Windows & Mac machines.

Q10 for Windows

Q10 is a small and lightweight yet powerful distraction-free writing tool for Windows. I love the minimalist interface which displays nothing but a tiny bar at the bottom that shows the character, word and page count. Q10 has this customizable typewriter sound effect that adds a little character to your otherwise mundane writing tasks.

There is no standard toolbar and the functions are accessed by keyboard shortcuts. Q10 comes with spell-check, work tracking, timers and word-count targets. Q10 will save your text in simple txt or html format but of course you can always copy and paste your work elsewhere.

OmmWriter for Mac OS X

OmmWriter for Mac OS X is simply my favorite distraction-free writing tool ever. It's clean and simple user interface provides for a focused writing in a relaxing and serene environment. The free OmmWriter version comes with 3 visual and audio themes while the paid donation version comes with 5 additional themes.

You can access the major functions for this tool using shortcut keys and moving your mouse over the writing space will displau OmmWriter's toolbars and adjustable boundaries for writing. The publisher claims that OmmWriter is a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate. I just love this app because of its cute typing sound effect.

Credit to Lifehacker.