Adam - 30 months

It seems like only yesterday I fret about Adam being a bit slow in learning how to stand and walk. Fast-forward 18 months later, now I wish he would slow down a bit instead! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Well fun if you take out the sleepless nights and vomiting and crying and tantrums and the fact that you have little or no life at all. But rest assured that the fun part far outweigh the hardship. Just waking up every morning to see your bundle of joy asleep more than make up for all the headache and growing pains.

30 months on, I can safely say the terrible two phase is all but gone now. Adam is certainly more well behaved and obedient than say when he’s 24 months old. Today he will usually ask for permission from his dad or mom before doing anything like “Can I play with this knife mom?” or “Can I drop this phone from the stairs papa?” stuff like that. Plus he asks a lot of questions too nowadays. He wanna know the title of every song played on my pc or in the car, every programme on tv and generally about every fricking thing he sets his eyes on.

I guess this is the phase when your kid started asking so many questions and stuff. Of course I’m more than happy to answer them (most of the time). But although your dad is super-cool Adam, fact is he doesn’t know EVERYTHING! And since I make it a point not to lie to my kids (if I can help it) sometimes I felt a bit guilty when I make up stories about things that I don’t know. Questions like “Why does mom has to buy so many shoes?” or “Why do men have nipples?” I honestly don’t know how to answer those. Next thing you know he’ll be asking where do babies come from!

Adam is currently obsessed with everything Spider-man. When Linda bought him those spider-man pajamas the other day he got so excited and just can’t wait to put them on. He would point at those Spider-man billboards outside, stare eyes wide at every Spider-man commercial on tv and get all excited upon seeing anything resembling the Spider-man logo. I shudder to think what he’s reaction would be next time we walk by the toys department. I don’t exactly approve him falling for those mass-commercialization trap, but since he already does, might as well be Spidey (sorry Spongebob!).

Adam loves making friends too. Every time we go out, he's not afraid at all to approach total strangers and say hi to them. Even when most of the kids at his nursery are much older than him, he has no problem blending with them. I suppose that’s why he felt lonely and bored at home at times without his friends. That’s why we’re planning to give him a sister/brother soon ha ha! Okay I’m seriously kidding about that last statement :P

And despite new additions to our families, Adam is still the favourite grandchild of our respective parents. I thought he’ll get some competition from his new cousins but nope, he’s still everybody’s favourite. Linda’s folks are crazy about him and would periodically call all the way from Kelantan just to speak with Adam and my mother came by every other week just to see him.

If you’re wondering why we let his hair grew so long, trust me we tried. He’ll kick and scream and thrash about violently to get free. He’s just scared stiff of those scissors and the hair-cutting machine and I won’t even try taking him to the barber. So until he grows up a bit I guess we’ll have to make do with that hair style. Frankly I think he looks perfectly all right but the wife wants him to look like a normal kid. Pah!, I don’t want my kid to be normal! That’s so boring. I want Adam to be special you know, change-the-world kind of special. Now where can I get those radio-active spiders, anybody?

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